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About RPI

RPI operates a club for RV owners helping to introduce them to quality campgrounds across the U.S. and Canada. RPI's 25,000 plus members are located all across the U.S. as well as in Canada. Many of our members are retired and like to travel year-round. Our members look to us to help them find quality campgrounds with exceptional customer service as well as ways to stretch their vacation dollar.

Participate with Us

We are actively recruiting the best campgrounds in North America to participate in our program. To qualify, your campground must have an above average rating with one or more of the national ratings programs and must consistently deliver outstanding customer service.

Our program allows you to make money on empty sites that otherwise would create zero revenue.

How it Works

There is no cost and no risk to participate in our program. You only need to agree to offer our members a discount. Our program is designed to send you customers year-round, but you only need to offer a discount when your park is running at less than full. You may also choose to only extend a discount during your non-peak times, or offer a variable discount depending on season. We can work with any situation you have.

When today is over, campsites that are not rented out will represent a loss that you can't ever recover. This is our pitch, "incremental revenue is better than no revenue".

We require our members to make reservations 2-60 days in advance giving you more control of your discount. You are also free to exclude holidays and special events from the discount.

Our members enjoy knowing that we have identified great parks, this makes their travel planning easier and worry free. Plus, we offer a toll-free reservation service to our members. We can book members directly into your park either using a number of sites you assign to us, or we can give you a call. Or, you can choose to have members call you direct. That choice is up to you!

How to Participate with RPI

Simply print and fill out the park application and agreement form below. You can scan and email it to, fax it to 562-490-0669 or mail it to RPI, PO Box 25, Gautier, MS 39553-0025.

For more information:  Brittany Gonzalez, 800-456-7774,

Form:  Park application and agreement (pdf)